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Combined Biological Sciences Meeting

Date: 29th August 2008

Place: The University Club, UWA

Contact: Further information can be found on the CBSM website

The purpose of the meeting is to promote biological science in Western Australia by encouraging the interaction of scientists, students, and industry covering all the Life Sciences.

This meeting is designed to gather together all biological science related people to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise and liase with industry to keep the life sciences in WA at the cutting edge. The meeting is particularly geared toward students and the development of students among their peer groups. Several sessions are set aside for student presentations and for many it represents their first chance to present their work in a conference setting. There are a great deal of prizes provided by our many sponsors for student presentations.

The annual meeting includes presentations by local, national, and international scientists and, as mentioned above, honours and post-graduate students working in universities, research institutes, and industry in Western Australia. The Combined Biological Sciences was founded in 1989 to bring the interests of scientists working in diverse areas of biological science under a single banner. CBSM now attracts about 400 delegates every year, with over 100 posters and 30 trade booths. To facilitate this process, the organising committee includes representatives from a number of Australian scientific societies, including the Australian Society for Medical Research, Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology, Australian Society for Microbiology, Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cancer Research Association of WA, Australian Neuroscience Society, Australasian Society for Immunology, and Mineralised Tissue Society of WA. The CBSM organising committee represents a diverse range of disciplines from several institutions in WA. We encourage all interested institutions and research groups not represented on the committee to consider participation on the organising committee.

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